Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Professional League

BJJ Pro League organizes two Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and two No-Gi tournaments in 2015 with cash prizes for the winner of each category. The amount of the prize is calculated from the complete amount of participation fees of the category so that half of the participation fees for the category are rewarded to the winner. For example in a category with 32 participants with a 50 € participation fee, the winner will receive 16 * 50 € or 800,00 €. The tournament will use slightly modified IBJJF official rules and FBJJF weight and belt categories. More details can be found in the event invitation

More information: Tommy Malmberg +358 (0)40 515 8655.

Academy competition

Academies can also join the competition by paying a yearly fee. At the end of the year the most successful academy is awarded with a trophy and a cash price, which is half of the total amount of academy licenses paid within the year. The academy license includes two coach passes which give free access to the events.

Academies get points from their athletes accordingly: Academies get points from their fighters accordingly
Weight Divisions:
1st Place9 pts
2nd Place3 pts
3rd Place1 pts
Open Class:
1st Place13.5 pts
2nd Place4.5 pts
3rd Place1.5 pts

Yearly fee is 100,00 €. Sign your academy to the competition here.

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BJJ Pro League
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